Covid Guidlines



  1. After booking it is mandatory for all passengers to do “Web check-in” at their PNR with pre-selected seats to avoid the long queue at the airport.
  2. Baggage as per Airline policy. Confirmation Ticket has all baggage policy
  3. Carriage of printout of Boarding card and Baggage label which will be sent to the guest on their contact details or can download during web check-in
  4. Before reaching to the airport, Passenger need to paste the attached Baggage label on the baggage or guest can write the mandatory fields i.e. PNR, Name of the passenger, Sector and Flight Number on plain paper & paste the same on baggage which should be prominently visible, as the airport may not be having any pasting material to place the labels on the baggage.
  5. Each passenger Contact number and Email id is mandatory to be provided during booking.
  6. Partners are requested to provide the Boarding pass and Baggage labels to the guests for their seamless travel.
  7. Passenger Health declaration status and their mobile should have an “Arogya Setu” app which shows Green status.
  8. Passengers must be wearing masks properly at the airport & throughout the journey.
  9. Passengers must sanitize at airports at various points.
  10. Maintain Social distancing at the airport as per the markings/guidance.
  11. For latest update about Covid, Please visit at
If you have questions about these Terms and Conditions, please send an e-mail to

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